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Two killed in a gunbattle in occupied Kashmir: police

A Kashmir fighter and a police officer were killed in a gunfight in occupied Kashmir when tensions erupted in the besieged area, police said Wednesday.

The clash in the Baramulla district in northern Kashmir was the first of the Indian authorities since New Delhi eliminated the special status of Kashmir on August 5 and imposed strict security in the problem region.

A Kashmir police tweet said Kashmir’s dead fighter had been identified as a local man who continued to “thank” Tayyibah.

Clashes are common between Indian security forces and Kashmir fighters opposed to Indian rule, with tens of thousands of people killed in the last 30 years, mostly civilians, which increases public discontent with New Delhi.

India deployed tens of thousands of troops before the August 5 movement to contain the anger of the public, strictly restricting the movement of people, cutting landlines, mobile phones and the Internet.

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Some restrictions have begun to diminish in recent days with some landlines that operate again and the reopening of schools, although there are no children present.

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