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Trump’s efforts

US President Donald Trump has proposed to Pakistan and India to “try to reduce tensions” because the abrupt abolition of the special status and self-rule of India-controlled Kashmir shows how dangerous the situation is between the two nuclear-weapon states.

Historically, when Jaran was about to collapse, the Americans woke up and rushed to the region.

This is exactly what Pakistan is doing.

“A difficult situation, but a good dialogue” is Trump’s tweet on Monday describing the current situation in the region and talking to the leaders of the two countries over the phone a few days later.

The article continues in British Columbia

Many people on the border will take Mr. Trump’s latest attempt to use Pakistan and India as a primary firefighting effort – not his mediation from Kashmir during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the White House last month.

Aimed at reducing current hostilities and avoiding potential wars in the region that may have long-term effects on the entire world.

Its purpose is not to encourage a settlement of the Kashmir dispute decades ago.

This is not the first time the United States has intervened to defend against potential military conflicts in the region. But this time, Washington must play a more active role and be prepared for Trump’s “proposal” to mediate long-term peace disputes in Kashmir.

The United States’ constructive engagement with both sides focuses on finding solutions to the Kashmir dispute, which is necessary to ensure lasting peace for the people of South Asia and international security and order.

The world has seen that the two sides cannot solve this problem bilaterally.

At the end of the 1990s, the composite bilateral dialogue that began with the active promotion of world powers, including the United States, died, and there is no chance of reviving it.

There is no doubt that India, which has always opposed any proposal from foreign forces and even the United Nations to mediate the Kashmir dispute, is strongly resisting these efforts.

However, once the US-led international community realizes that the relationship of peace and improvement between India and Pakistan is in the interest of all those who have interests in the region, it is important to convince New Delhi to listen to the voice of reason.

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