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Trump scraps Denmark visit over lack of interest in Greenland sale

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he had postponed the planned meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark because he did not want to sell Greenland to the United States.

Trump’s decision confirms his interest in buying Greenland, an idea initially rejected by some as a joke, but the White House later insisted it had a serious purpose due to its strategic location.

The article continues after the announcement.

“The prime minister has been able to save a lot of expenses and efforts for both the United States and Denmark by directing it. I appreciate that and hope to reschedule some time in the future!” The president of the United States wrote.

The Wall Street Journal initially reported that Trump had shown interest in the autonomous part of Denmark, often covered with snow, asking advisors if the United States could obtain the territory.

The president, a former real estate mogul, was curious about the natural resources and geopolitical importance of the region.

Trump confirmed on Sunday that he was really interested in buying Greenland, but said it was not a priority for his administration, and that Denmark’s trip “was not for that reason at all.”

“Great real estate offer”
“This is something we talked about,” he told reporters.

When asked if he was considering changing the US territory to Greenland, Trump responded that “many things can be done.”

“Basically, it’s a big real estate business,” he said.

The next day, Trump prankily promised that he would not build one of his well-known hotels in Greenland, tweeting to Mim who represents the Golden Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas over modestly colored houses along a rocky shore.

“I promise not to do it for Greenland!” He wrote.

Meem first appeared on Twitter on Thursday with the comment: “Greenland in 10 years.”

Denmark colonized an island of 772,000 square miles (two million square kilometers) in the 18th century. It is home to only about 57,000 people, most of whom are native to the Inuit community.

The Greenland Department of Foreign Affairs insisted on Friday that the island was ready to talk about its business, but was not for sale.

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