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Another term for the army chief

Many observers expect the military commander, Kamal Javed Bajwa, to serve out his term.

When the move was confirmed, it was clear that “special circumstances” were clear, and it was clear that the other general could not be promoted to the position of president at the moment.

However, although this decision is expected, this move will certainly lead to criticism of some important points that have long been hot topics in the country.

The first involves the absolute necessity to establish an uninterrupted tradition of heredity in a body widely praised as the best in the country.

The principle of smooth change of orders deserves respect, otherwise there will be no room for inheritance in the rules manual.

But it seems difficult to make a routine transition in our case.

When General Ashfaq Kayani was postponed in 2010, the country was facing a terrible war against militants, allowing everyone to see and consider any discussions related to Pakistani security.

However, even today, the situation is far from peace.

The Americans may be planning to withdraw from Afghanistan, but we are now very concerned about India, especially in the Kashmir crisis intensified by the Modi government.

Given the long history of unrest in the region, the situation is unlikely to be ideal, but if a systematic, unhindered high-level succession is a valuable goal, it can be argued that political and state leadership is the most organized and effective institution. You should learn how to maintain normal operation, even if there is a problem in the area.

The second, much discussed, includes the political class.

In 2010, the then PPP government raised much criticism for allowing General Kayani to stay for another three years.

The strongest critic of the move is the current Prime Minister Imran Khan, who believes that he will not deviate from this principle under any circumstances. It was then.

Since taking office in August 2018, Mr. Khan has taken many measures to oppose his early principled position, and now it is a waste of time to indulge in any form of defense.

He has come a long way since he has been struggling to get hurt by the alleged criticism. At this time, his government had some pressing issues to deal with.

Of course, it must strive to achieve its own perception, as a strong framework capable of withstanding all the challenges that the previous government did not dare – especially because of its proximity to the prime minister and the supreme commander of the army.

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